Starting Out

We are Gift Boxz and just starting out on what we hope to be a long and wonderful journey. For many years now I have wished to do something with a connection to Charity, but as usual all the normal day to day things in life got in the way. Many of those things are still around me today, but the urge to do something has finally got the better of me and so ... Gift Boxz was created. We sell top quality Gifts and Presents plus Household items.. with one major difference to anyone else around...A Massive 50% of Our Monthly Profits will be going to Charity. We still have a lot of work to do setting things up, contacting Charities, etc, but Gift Boxz is Open for Business.You can also follow us on Facebook at Fifty 50 Shopz. We are looking forward to building a great relationship with all our customers and charities too. Any ideas or comments are most welcome. More to be posted soon as we develop.