Gift Boxz........The Story so far.

Here at Gift Boxz our aim is simple. As stated on Our Home Page we WILL be donating 50% of Our Monthly Profits to Charities. For many many years now I have wanted to do more for people who are less fortunate than others and for whatever reason find themselves in need of help. The usual things stopped me.....Work, Family, Time....... and the usual " What Can I Do" ? But despite still being busy the urge to do something has got the better of Me (Thankfully) and from that GIFT BOXZ has been Created. We will be looking to work with some Smaller but very deserving Charities here in the UK and once we are up and running we will be searching for these. It is impossible to say at the moment how much we will have to donate and initially this will limit the amount of Charities we can donate to as we do want to be giving a decent amount monthly to each one we link up with, so it will be just a case of wait and see over the first few months.

As the Business grows the site will be updated. You can follow Our Story on Facebook.

Best Wishes to All our Future Customers and Charities, Gordon.